Hot Tubs – adding a little luxury to your home

Hot tubs used to just be something you hired for the weekend or were a holiday treat but it is becoming more popular for homeowners to have a hot tub installed in their gardens. Now more homeowners have the luxury of relaxing in the hot tub at a time that suits them. A hot tub

Winterising your plant room correctly

As well as closing down your swimming pool you need to think about winterising your plant room. You will need to ensure the boiler, filter and pump are all drained fully of any excess water. The pressure needs to be out of the system and all water and electrics are fully turned off. Your plant

Hot Tub Maintenance Hints & Tips

Hot tubs ( also known as spas) are becoming more and more popular in Leicestershire and we thought we would provide you with some hints & tips to help look after your tub. Every 3-6 months it is recommended the tub is drained down and filled up with fresh water; Ensure weekly checks of the

How do I drain down a liner pool?

A lot of clients with liner pools ask how best to drain down their pool for repairs and maintenance. The answer is simple; avoid this where possible. The water in the pool helps hold the liner walls to the swimming pool shell therefore draining the water can unseal the liner and could cause creases. Once

Top tips for a Liner Pool

A lot of swimming pool owners have a liner pool and we are always asked, ” how do we keep our liner pool in good condition” so that they have the benefit of its whole life span? A liner is made from vinyl and can be delicate and brittle if not looked after correctly and

Tiled Pools vs Liner Pools which is best?

Until recently, a homeowner aspiring to have a swimming pool constructed on their property would have only considered tiling the pool. This consisted of digging out a shell, concreting the shell so it was waterproof then tiling to finish. It is mainly due to the cost involved in the construction that not many homeowners,who had