Case Study 18 – New Pool Liner Cobham

This job was located in Cobham where Lovett Pools supplied and fitted a new pool liner. We drained the pool stripped the previous liner and fitted the beautiful new one.

Case Study 17 – Pool Leak Nottingham

Lovett Pools was called out to this job in Nottingham with loss of water. After pressure testing we realised the return line and sump line was leaking. We had to take the slabs up dig down repair the broken pipes and put all back together.

Case Study 16 – New Pool Leicester

Lovett Pools recently undertook a nice new pool opening in Leicester. We had to completely drain the pool down and then acid wash the pool tiles. We then refilled the pool and commissioned it ready for the new season.

Case Study 15 – Wigan Pool Repair

Lovett Pools had to go to Wigan to measure up a new liner for our client. After taking the measurements and ordering in the mad up liner, 10 days later this is the outcome. We had to drain water, remove the old liner, pressure test the pipework and then fit new pool liner. As you

Case Study 14 – Derby Leaking Pool

This job was in Derby and all the pool pipes were leaking. Lovett Pools had to break all of the pipework out, remove them and then replace with all new pipework and all new fittings. The customer also wanted new built in steps into pool, which we installed.

Case Study 13 – Cranley Pool Repair

This job in Cranley was leaking it turned out after a pressure test of all pipes that the skimmer was leaking. So Lovett Pools had to drain the pool down, break the old skimmer out and replace with new skimmer.

Case Study 12 – New Lining and Pipework

This job was in the middle of Surrey Cobham the liner was all ripped and torn and the pipework was leaking. When I was there the customer asked me to build some internal steps in his pool before fitting new liner. Plus all the floor was broken. I had to take outliner patch up the

Case Study 11 – Leicester Town Centre

This job was in the centre of Leicester town centre. We turned the normal marble light swimming pool into liner pool as the marble lights was leaking from the Shell. We had to dig down change all the fittings and put line a lot around the top of the shell so this Pool can take