Pool Construction

Our Core Pool Construction Services

New Build Pools

We can offer our assistance and expertise on all aspects of pool constrcution from constructing your brand new pool to preparing the ground by digging the area in readiness, blocking up the shell/concreating the shells, waterproof render with water proof screed to pipework to plant room to ensure the functioning of your pool through to tiling and commissioning the pool once filled with water.

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Laying & Replacing Copings

As part of our spool construction service we can source the copping required based on your requirements or to match what you already have in place and alternatively if your coppings just require a little love and attention we can simply re-grout and jet wash the same.

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Laying & Replacing Patio

Here you have lots of options whwn thinking about pool construction, either extending the patio area you already have in place, replacing the patio area or simply just replacing any broken/sunken slabs whatever your needs we will try and source the slabs to meet your requirements and carry out all of the ground works, including removing any waste as a result of the works i.e dirt or old slabs.

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Liner or Tile Replacement

We can visit the property and assess whether or not your current liner is repairable and if so provide a solution. For pools that are tiled, we offer a wide range of services, from replacing sections of broken tiles right through to removing the existing tiles.

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